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What are the challenges posed by lithium extraction?

Gene Morgan, CEO de Zelandez, se sentó con Adrian Pocobelli, el presentador del podcast de Northern Miner. Durante la entrevista, Gene y Adrian trataron una amplia gama de temas relacionados con el litio, que puedes escuchar aquí.  La discusión se centró en 3 áreas principales:

1. Los avances tecnológicos que están permitiendo conocer mejor los recursos de litio y facilitando la mejora de los procesos de extracción.

2. Cómo la Ley de Reducción de la Inflación de Estados Unidos está facilitando el crecimiento de las cadenas de suministro nacionales y el valor que éstas añadirán a medida que el país se prepara para satisfacer la futura demanda y los requisitos de suministro de los vehículos eléctricos.

3. Los retos que plantean la lentitud de los permisos y la falta de talento cualificado 

Vea la entrevista en podcast aquí

Kerry McCallum

August 25, 2023


Zelandez Launches New Specialized Lithium Brine Recycling Service

Austin, Texas, August 23, 2023— Zelandez, the leading global provider of services to the lithium brine industry, today announced the availability of its new specialized lithium brine reinjection service. The innovative new service, believed to be an industry first, combines hydrochemistry with traditional reinjection techniques used extensively in the oil and gas market and deployed in lithium mines.

The tailored service will provide lithium brine extractors with a full characterization of their reservoirs and optimize the location of injector wells and producer wells. It also includes the design of a reinjection plan that maintains aquifer pressure, ensures the production of preferred brines, whilst also protecting freshwater assets.

The global demand for sustainable sources of lithium has created a race to develop “Direct Lithium Extraction” technologies (DLE). This is typically used by lithium brine extractors to separate lithium from the salty water held in oil and gas reservoirs and in underground brine aquifers. However, the challenge is that when DLE is used, the lithium producer is left with a lot of depleted brine that must go somewhere and underground reinjection is the obvious solution.

 “The impetus behind the development of our specialized lithium brine reinjection service is that the normal methods of reinjection, historically used in the oil and gas industry and borrowed by the lithium industry, are simply not delivering the desired results. We all know that oil doesn’t mix with water and depleted lithium brine is miscible with the underlying asset,” says Gene Morgan, CEO of Zelandez.

During Zelandez’s research and development process, the importance of integrating hydrochemistry into traditional reinjection techniques became very apparent. “This process totally changes the aquifer management plan and enhances protection of freshwater water assets. Our new service takes the lithium brine sector significantly closer to true mastery of the subsurface. So much so, that in the lithium brine market we feel that it really shouldn’t even be called “reinjection.” It’s much more accurate to call what we are doing ‘Brine Recycling,’” says Morgan. 

Commenting on Zelandez’s approach, Lee Ann Munk, Geochemical Modelling Lead at Zelandez says, “As the demand for lithium increases, there will be significant attention focused on how lithium brine extractors can effectively manage their byproducts and wastewater. We believe our methodology is groundbreaking and will change the way the industry tackles a challenge that no lithium brine extraction company has managed to adequately resolve – ‘what do you do with depleted brine?’”

Zelandez’s lithium brine reinjection service will enable lithium brine extractors to achieve enhanced levels of environmental stewardship, mining productivity, and resource and risk management.

Zelandez recently entered the North American market. Its US expansion was driven by key issues impacting the US domestic lithium mining industry. The company’s client base includes industry giants such as Rio Tinto, Albemarle, and Allkem. It holds a dominant position as the world’s provider of lithium brinefield services.

Kerry McCallum

August 23, 2023


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Zelandez, Global Leader in Lithium Brinefield Services, Enters North American Market

Zelandez, the leading global provider of services to the lithium brine industry, announced its expansion into the North American market.

Already serving the majority of the world’s lithium brine industry, the company will now offer its cutting-edge subsurface sensors, exploration, and extraction solutions to American and Canadian lithium mines, enabling them to develop their brine resources more efficiently. Zelandez holds a commanding presence in the world’s top lithium markets of Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile, where it serves over 30 lithium mining companies.

Zelandez’s expansion is driven by several factors impacting the domestic lithium mining industry. These include the need for modernization and upgrades in existing US lithium mines; the growing demand for lithium batteries in the United States, projected to be worth $55 billion per year by 2030; the lack of a significant domestic lithium battery supply chain; the US’s reliance on foreign lithium battery suppliers; and the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

Gene Morgan, CEO of Zelandez, says, “It’s time to upgrade lithium production in North America. The challenge of US lithium supply constraints presents an enormous opportunity for our bespoke lithium technology and solutions. Our extensive experience serving lithium mining companies in the South American lithium triangle places us in an ideal position to make a significant contribution to the North American lithium industry. This is critical for the world’s energy transition. We are optimistic for the North American market this decade.”

Unlike many of its competitors that provide lithium miners with one-dimensional data, Zelandez sets itself apart with specialist lithium technology that delivers comprehensive geophysical data analysis and interpretation. “Our competitors offer raw data often from equipment not designed for lithium, leaving clients with the difficult task of deciphering the information,” says Morgan. “Our specialized lithium technology provides actionable insights that clients can implement immediately. It’s important that the US lithium miners are provided with reliable information. This will facilitate the streamlining of the U.S lithium supply chain from extraction to manufacturing.”

Zelandez’s client roster includes industry giants such as Rio Tinto, Albemarle, and Allkem. Its North American headquarters are located in Austin, Texas.

Zelandez specializes in lithium brine exploration and extraction technology that enhances mining operations. Utilizing advanced geophysical technologies, such as borehole magnetic resonance, and expert geoscience knowledge, the company provides critical subsurface insights. Its range of services include aquifer characterization and testing, spent brine reinjection strategies, well diagnostics and recovery, exploration and development services, below-ground and above-ground sensors, and evaporation pond monitoring solutions.

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Shannon Smith

June 8, 2023


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