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We use cutting edge analytics and data to help you massively decrease the time and expense of lithium exploration.

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Zelandez is a brinefield services company specialised in providing pore-to-plant solutions to lithium brine operations. Combining a vanguard of technologies with highly-trained talent, using cutting-edge engineering and geoscience techniques to bring insight to resource exploration and production

Lithium Brine services in South America

Our Specialties

We operate across several industries but we are most notably recognized for the following

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Upstream Lithium Brine

We have carved a reputation providing the key geophysical data and resource insights to upstream lithium brine explorers and developers operating in the lithium triangle.  
Subsurface Characterisation

Subsurface Characterisation

We transfer the advanced knowledge and benefits of borehole geophysics, or ‘wireline’, gained from years spent with leading oilfield services companies and apply it to other resource and energy sectors.
Engineering and Geotechnics

Exploration Through Production

From a well’s cradle to grave, and everywhere in between Zelandez generates insights and delivers integrated solutions to optimise brine recovery and sustainable brinefield development.
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