About us

Zelandez is a leading brinefield services provider to the upstream lithium-brine industry. We enable our clients to make effective decisions on their mineral resource. Bringing our experience from oil & gas and mining, we apply new, cutting edge technology and proven methodologies to the lithium brine exploration business which helps clients make better decisions, reduce risk, and save money. Most service companies sell logs or raw data and leave it up to the client to interpret and decide what the data is telling them. We provide a full service. We provide only processed and interpreted geophysical data, delivering to the customer just-in-time insights which they can start using immediately to make informed decisions. Enabling the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies is important for all of humankind. Lithium-based batteries are key for this transition and we are proud to be helping our customers supply the industry of the future.

Our people


Gene Morgan

Managing Director

Prior to Zelandez, Gene spent 10 years in Upstream Oil & Gas with Schlumberger. First as a wireline field engineer on remote deepwater rigs and later in operations management roles. He has worked extensively across Europe, Africa and Latin America. Gene’s deep knowledge in oilfield technology combined with his passion for the Lithium industry is what led him to found Zelandez. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.


Fernando Lourenco

Director of Geosciences

Fernando has a Geology degree from the National University of La Plata in Argentina. After two years of participation in Sedimentology research projects, he started his professional career in a Core Laboratory performing petrographic and diagenetic studies. Then Fernando joined Schlumberger where he spent almost 10 years as a Geoscientist performing well logging data processing, interpretation and integration across South America and became an expert in borehole image analysis. His understanding and passion for well logging data leads him to find new ways to use and combine logging data in the Lithium Industry.


Christian Valdivia

Engineer in Charge

Christian has been working in the corporate environment for 15 years, 11 of those years for Oilfield Services giant Schlumberger; holding client-focused positions requiring interaction at different levels, such as operational, commercial & executive. He has worked on land as well as offshore on a purpose-specific vessel delivering 24/7 production services for shallow and deepwater rigs, up until becoming the Lead Technical Engineer for the biggest production enhancement project in Mexico at the time. He specialized in working with multi-disciplinary teams of several nationalities, as he did in North, Central and South America; always striving to find novel solutions and ways to improve field operations.


Daniel Neve

Director of Operations and Engineering

Daniel has spent 18 years in different roles within the Construction, Civil Engineering and Aviation Industries. Starting off in important Civil Engineering companies, he was involved in some of the biggest Civil Engineering projects in Europe, as part of the computer modelling teams calculating ground deformations associated with large diameter EPB-TBM tunnel and foundation excavations. In the aviation industry, he became involved in the creation of new procedures for streamlining the operation, improving safety and security, as well as human factors training and studies for operation incident prevention. He then became Project Coordinator when the airline replaced the entire fleet. His experience including project supervision and client liaison, maintenance organization, consulting and company management, in both Spain and South America, brings a unique set of skills that are successfully applied to streamlining the Zelandez operation.


Clint Van Marrewijk


Our director with experience in capital raising and company structure. Clint is also the founder of SaferMe, a software as a service company, and previously helped build and successfully exit a financial services company. Clint has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

Alex Grant

Technology Innovation Advisor

Alex Grant is Principal at Jade Cove Partners, where he provides technology strategy advisory services to unconventional lithium projects and the investors who fund them. Jade Cove is currently tracking the world’s different direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology solutions at different levels of development and works with promising projects to deploy them commercially. Alex is a partner in the development of the Minviro Lithium Life Cycle Assessment, providing independent, ISO-compliant environmental impact modeling services to the lithium and battery industries. Alex is a co-founder and former VP Technology of Lilac Solutions, a Silicon Valley DLE technology company funded by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Alex has a B.Eng. from McGill University in Chemical Engineering & Philosophy, and an M.S. from Northwestern University in Chemical Engineering.

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