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Bathymetric Surveys

Accurately measure brine inventory and improve pond management using digital bathymetry pond monitoring

Since 2018, we’ve specialized in delivering advanced technology and expertise to the lithium brine industry. With operations in Argentine, Chile, Bolivia, USA and Canada, we serve the majority of lithium brine producers and explorers.

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Revolutionize Your Pond Management

Zelandez’s BatSense service employs cutting-edge drone technology to capture essential data about your evaporation ponds, providing invaluable insights into evaporation rates, ideal conditions, and efficiency optimization.


Unlock the Power of 3D Mapping

Our BatSense service uses drones to capture essential information about the condition and health of evaporation ponds.

This can then be used to generate insights into evaporation rates, predict ideal evaporation conditions and suggest ways of making evaporation more efficient for a pond system. The drones are equipped with the latest sensor technology that can generate a 3D map of the volume of brine/water in the ponds, as well as calculate the volume of sediment build-up over time.

Managers can now understand the dynamics of their ponds in real-time, more accurately controlling critical depths and volumes.

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Pond Depth Control

Exact depth control, which is essential since it greatly affects crystal growth, precipitation and evaporation.

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Process Control

Detailed volume control helps to better calculate the volumes of chemicals and resources required for processing.

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Inventory Control

Unprecedented accuracy gives cubic centimeter level inventory detail.

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Accumulated salt volume control

Precise volumes of salts accumulated at the bottom of the pool, which is used to calculate how much salt is going to be removed from the ponds.

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