Accelerate Your Lithium Carbonate Production with ErLi

Designed to accelerate lithium production, ErLi offers a modularized integrated facility that enables you to achieve commercial benefits faster than ever before. With ErLi, you can unlock the potential of your brine reserves, generate early cash flow, and prove the quality of your resources with ease.

The ErLi production facility provides a cost-effective solution that eliminates the hurdles associated with financing and constructing a permanent plant. Instead, you can lease our cutting-edge modular plant, allowing you to swiftly monetize your reserves and kickstart production. With an annual production target of 1000 tons of Lithium Carbonate and scaling possibilities, ErLi empowers you to seize opportunities and maximize your profitability.

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Why Choose ErLi?

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Accelerate Cash Flow

Time is of the essence, and ErLi enables you to generate early cash flow on your project. By leveraging our modular facility, you can swiftly bring your Lithium Carbonate to market, ensuring a rapid return on investment.

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Proven Processing Steps

ErLi’s processing steps have been refined and tested, providing you with a reliable and efficient production process. You can trust in our expertise and benefit from a streamlined operation that guarantees high-quality output.

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Scalable Productions

ErLi facilitates early production in a scalable manner, allowing you to adjust your production levels based on market demand. Whether you aim to start small or expand to a full commercial plant, ErLi provides the flexibility to match your business objectives.

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Enhanced Financial Performance

By utilizing ErLi, you significantly improve the Net Present Value (NPV) of your project. Our cost-effective solution enables you to optimize your resources and maximize returns, ensuring a robust financial performance.

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Comprehensive Support

We go beyond providing the modular plant. ErLi offers a comprehensive suite of services, including feasibility assessment, site assessment, brine chemistry analysis, preliminary engineering, detailed engineering, project management, and build and commissioning of the plant. Our expert team ensures a smooth transition and seamless operation throughout the process.

Key Features

Modular Design:

ErLi comes in easily mobilized 40ft containers, providing convenience and adaptability to your site requirements. The modular design enables swift installation and demobilization, allowing for efficient project implementation.

Optimized Sizing:

With ErLi, you can achieve a LCE capacity of 1,000 tons per year. This optimized sizing ensures optimal production levels and maximizes your revenue potential.

Technical Grade LCE:

ErLi produces high-quality Technical Grade Lithium Carbonate, meeting industry standards and satisfying market demands.

Compatibility & Sustainability:

ErLi is compatible with both LiCl solution via DLE (Direct Lithium Extraction) or Evaporation ponds, offering flexibility to adapt to your unique resource characteristics. Moreover, our environmentally friendly design incorporates solar power and minimum liquid discharge, minimizing the impact on the environment.

Flexible Lease Options:

We understand the importance of affordability and convenience. ErLi provides flexible lease options for our modular plants, ensuring accessibility for junior miners and small projects. Zelandez also provides an expert operations team to support you throughout the production process.

Manage Distribution & Off-take Agreements:

ErLi streamlines the distribution of Lithium Carbonate (LCE) and facilitates offtake agreements, ensuring smooth operations and market access for your product.

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