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Zelandez offers a complete, integrated solution for lithium brine exploration, ensuring our clients benefit from our extensive experience and cutting-edge tools. Our suite of advanced tools, including Porosity and Permeability, Lithology, Brine Stratification, Fracture Evaluation, LogWell Aquifer Testing, and Exploration and Development Services, work in synergy to provide valuable information and a comprehensive understanding of subsurface conditions for the success of the project.

Using innovative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) techniques, our porosity and permeability analysis accurately measures total porosity and pore size distribution. From this information we obtain estimates of specific yield, permeability and hydraulic conductivity. This allows our clients to better assess subsurface conditions, leading to optimized resource management and more informed decision making.”>

Lithological interpretation, which combines a variety of measurements, offers a detailed understanding of the composition and structure of the subsurface. This information is essential for characterizing subsurface conditions and identifying optimal drilling locations, ultimately improving overall project efficiency.

Zelandez’s fluid identification product provides essential information on the distribution and thickness of aquifers by accurately measuring fluid properties. This data, integrated with our lithology and porosity-permeability frameworks, enables a comprehensive analysis of subsurface conditions, enabling our clients to make informed decisions and optimize their projects.

Our fracture evaluation product provides valuable information by analyzing images of oriented wells to identify sedimentary beds, thickness, natural fractures, faults, and sedimentary structures. This information enables clients to optimize fracture stimulation and improve overall drilling and production results.

Zelandez’s aquifer testing service provides accurate, uncontaminated brine samples, crucial for understanding well production limits, reinjection capacity and long-term resource management. This contributes to efficient project execution and sustainable resource management.

Exploration and development services complement our exploration toolkit with a variety of services, including qualified person (QP) services, water balance and groundwater modeling, advisory services, and spent brine reinjection solutions. These services ensure a holistic approach to lithium brine projects and provide invaluable support throughout the exploration journey.

Choose Zelandez for unparalleled expertise and a synergistic set of tools that provide essential information and enable project success in the lithium brine exploration phase. By taking advantage of our comprehensive solution, clients gain a competitive advantage, optimize resource management, and drive their projects to successful results.

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