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Zelandez is committed to providing innovative and efficient solutions for the Extraction phase of lithium brine projects. Our suite of advanced tools, including Well Diagnostics and Recovery, Exploration & Development Services, and BatSense, delivers valuable insights and a comprehensive understanding of well performance and evaporation pond dynamics, ensuring optimized resource management and project success.

Our LogWell Diagnostics and Recovery (DR) service is designed for well maintenance campaigns, offering a two-stage process that provides vital information to optimize well performance and inform repair or abandonment decisions. The Diagnostics stage employs a video log and Corrosion log to thoroughly assess the well’s internal condition and casing integrity. The Recovery stage utilizes an innovative Heat Tool and Production Logging to clean and evaluate the productive section of the well. With Zelandez’s DR service, clients gain a detailed understanding of their well’s mechanical condition and production performance, enabling informed decisions and data-driven well management solutions.

Exploration & Development Services complements our Extraction toolkit with a range of services, including water balance and groundwater modeling, advisory services, and spent brine reinjection solutions, ensuring a holistic approach to lithium brine projects and providing invaluable support throughout the extraction journey.

Zelandez’s BatSense service employs cutting-edge drone technology to capture essential data about your evaporation ponds. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, our drones generate detailed 3D maps of brine/water volumes, sediment build-up, and surrounding topography, enabling clients to understand pond dynamics and accurately control critical depths and volumes. BatSense allows constant monitoring of your ponds, empowering you to identify trends, anticipate potential issues, and maintain control over your water resources.

Choose Zelandez for unparalleled expertise and a synergistic suite of tools that deliver essential insights and enable project success in the lithium brine exploration phase. By leveraging our comprehensive solution, customers gain a competitive edge, optimizing resource management, and driving their projects to successful outcomes.

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