Vertical Fluid fluid characterization

Our BStratSight™ fluid characterization product comprises of a set of measurements with interpretation applied to provide a general fluid characterization. Fluid temperature and conductivity are measured inside the borehole and formation resistivity is measured with enough depth of investigation to avoid potential borehole skin effects and invasion. Under static conditions sensitive vertical fluid variations are expected to replicate inside the borehole. When combined with porosity data, it is possible to derive formation water resistivity (Rw) from resistivity measurements in sand/gravel levels (clay/silt-free). Processing is applied to derive salinity estimates from conductivity and formation resistivity. Formation water resistivity can be linked with borehole measurements to provide insights far from the borehole wall and evaluate the vertical fluid stratification (if any). Furthermore, integration with lithology and porosity-permeability frameworks can provide powerful insights on aquifer distribution and thickness.

Key Features

  • Borehole fluid conductivity log
  • Borehole fluid temperature log
  • Borehole fluid salinity log
  • Formation resistivity
  • Formation water resistivity in silt-clay free zones
  • Fluid zones identification, boundaries & thicknesses

Principal Applications

Any environment where sensitive fluid salinity changes are expected. Focused on Lithium-brine & Potassium ore mining industries. Also applicable to the groundwater applications, particularly in multi-aquifer and coastal environments.
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