Analyzing the Influence of Natural Fractures

Our FracEvSight™ fracture evaluation product is focussed on utilizing oriented borehole image for geological interpretation. Their evaluation give us the ability to see surfaces and geometric patterns (biogenic/diagenetic sedimentary structures and coarse grained fabrics). Surface interpretation allows us to identify sedimentary beds and their thickness, natural fractures, faults and even in some cases sedimentary structures (cross bedding, lamination, etc). Fractures are identified and analyzed in terms of azimuth, dip angle, vertical distribution, fracture sets and meaningful fracture parameters are computed (such as fracture density). Bed boundaries mapping allow evaluation of their potential control over fracture distribution. If present, micro-macro deformation structures (folds and faults) are also interpreted to investigate further control over fracture distribution. If available, lithology information can also be integrated to evaluate the potential control over fracture distribution.

Key Natural Fractures Data

  • Overall fracture statistics
  • Fracture sets and statistics
  • Total and fracture sets vertical distribution
  • Total and fracture sets computed density
  • Controls evaluation over fracture distribution

Application and Integration

This product was designed to address the need for natural fractures identification and evaluation when they become important in your workflow. This Insight is of particular interest to hard rock ore mining and geothermal environments. The product is strongly leveraged when integrated with detailed lithology and porosity frameworks.
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