As the global community grapples with the challenges of reducing carbon emissions, lithium has emerged as a vital element in this transition.

It is crucial for industry professionals to develop a comprehensive understanding of lithium processing from brines and the resulting products utilized in battery manufacturing. By acquiring this knowledge, project personnel will be better equipped to contribute to the global energy transition and the pursuit of a more sustainable future.

Join our specialized training course and gain the expertise needed to excel in this dynamic and environmentally significant sector.

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The success of a project can be improved through effective training programs. At Zelandez our “Lithium Processing 101” course is tailored to refine your team’s skill set and impart a comprehensive understanding of lithium technology, extraction, and both novel and traditional methods for producing commercial-grade products.

Upon completing the course, participants will possess:

  • A foundational grasp of sustainable lithium mining and processing.
  • Conceptual tools to navigate industry challenges and recognize their roles and areas of impact.

Course Structure

  • Mode of study: Online or On-site
  • Duration: Half day
  • Certificates of attendance and approval

Course Topics

  • Historical Review
  • Lithium Sources
  • Lithium Properties
  • Uses of Lithium
  • Lithium in Salt Flats
  • Production Process
  • Conventional Process
  • Direct Lithium Extraction
  • Examples of Projects and their Processes

Directors, Executives, and Engineers

Zelandez focuses on preparing professionals with essential critical thinking and leadership skills for the lithium industry’s advancement. We prioritize sustainable operations, fostering relationships, and effective communication with communities and all project stakeholders.

Operators and Technicians

Zelandez nurtures the abilities of operators and technicians by providing supplementary qualifications for plant operations in mining environments, while emphasizing stringent safety and environmental standards.

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