Lithology evaluation is one of the most basic and critical sources of information to be able to understand the subsurface. Sediments composed of simple mineralogy can be interpreted with basic logs. However, more complex lithology needs more detailed information. There are also key features that cannot be seen in drilling cuttings or conventional logs. Cores are the most precise and direct approach to characterize lithology, but this is dependent on core recovery and its cost is significantly higher.

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We combine spectral gamma ray logs (mineralogy/composition), ultrasonic borehole images (textures, fabrics, structures) and magnetic resonance logs (texture), complemented by formation resistivity information.

Ultrasonic borehole images offer a complete and oriented view of the borehole wall from which, direct interpretation and orientation of critical geological features, such as textures, fabrics, fractures and other relevant surfaces can be obtained. Without this log, this information could only be taken by specialized core inspection. The ability to read oriented surfaces provide additional benefits including oriented fracture sets, bedding dip and structural computations, paleocurrents, etc.

Correlation success is based on the lithology characterization quality and in the ability to identify relevant stratigraphic changes across other wells. Getting this information from cores only is expensive and slow, and strongly depends on the quality of core recovery, preservation, and orientation information. Our product offers what your project needs to balance cost/time and gain efficiency in your drilling campaigns, diminishing response time and global costs.

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