Introducing Zelandez’s cutting-edge fluid sampling service, designed to provide precise and representative samples from even the most complex environments. Our innovative single-point sampling well probes eliminate the operational complexities and inefficiencies associated with traditional sampling methods, ensuring accurate and uncontaminated brine samples for your projects.

Our state-of-the-art equipment features a piston-controlled chamber that quickly and safely collects samples at the desired depth, keeping them free from subsequent contamination. With a wide range of action, our probes can sample aquifers more than 600 meters deep, unaffected by hydrostatic pressure due to the powerful motor.

Important client benefits include the ability to achieve uncontaminated brine samples and acquire aquifer data to understand well production limits, re-injection capacity, and long-term resource management. Zelandez’s fluid sampling service offers unmatched versatility in capturing multiple samples of 250ml on a single trip in the well.

Our lightweight, agile equipment measures just 3-â…ś inches in diameter, enabling easy handling and compatibility with small diameter wells. Choose Zelandez for efficient, reliable, and versatile fluid sampling solutions that deliver crucial insights for your lithium brine projects.

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