Zelandez’s Well Diagnostics and Recovery (DR) is a comprehensive service package designed for well maintenance campaigns.
DR consists of two stages:
• Diagnostics
• Recovery
Providing vital information to optimize well performance and inform repair or abandonment decisions.

Our Diagnostics stage employs a video log to visually evaluate the well’s internal condition, focusing on the productive zone. A subsequent Corrosion log, using a Multi Finger Caliper tool, measures and analyzes metal loss in casing or filter walls, ensuring thorough assessment.

The Recovery stage utilizes an innovative Heat Tool, releasing Water Steam to dissolve salt scale buildup in filters and clean the productive section at the formation level. This is followed by Production Logging (PLT) to confirm expected production from interest zones, quantify flow rates, and measure fluid characteristics at downhole conditions.

With Zelandez’s DR service, clients gain a detailed understanding of their well’s mechanical condition and production performance, enabling informed decisions regarding repair, abandonment, or productive zone optimization. Invest in LogWellDiagnostics and Recovery for accurate, efficient, and data-driven well management solutions.

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