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Modular Production Facilities

Prefabricated modular carbonation facilities will accelerate your path to production

Since 2018, we’ve specialized in delivering advanced technology and expertise to the lithium brine industry. With operations in Argentine, Chile, Bolivia, USA and Canada, we serve the majority of lithium brine producers and explorers.

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Introducing "ErLi" the fully-financed modular carbonation plant

Engineered to accept DLE eluate or pond feed, a prefabricated modular plant helps to get to lithium production faster. By rolling out deployments in incremental steps, your project can fund a larger expansion with less risk.

ErLi Modular Units

Time is the key factor in achieving commercial benefit.

By rolling out incrementally, the risk of project failure can be reduced.

Driving towards first project cashflow is more beneficial to shareholders than trying to build a very large plant in one step. A large NPV does not take into account the risk of project failure.

Key Advantages

Lease Model

Lease Model

Avoid significant capital expenditures with the option to lease the modules directly from Zelandez. This allows you to accelerate your production journey with less upfront financial burden.

Designed For Speed

Designed For Speed

Intelligently designed at 1,250 tons per annum of technical grade lithium carbonate. This means you can deploy faster and incrementally expand: 5,000 tons pa is achieved by 4 prefab units.

Flexible Inputs

Flexible Inputs

Handles dilute or concentrated feed from your preferred DLE partner, or concentrated brine from evaporation ponds. Zelandez's in-country team can operate and maintain the plant for you.

Expert Team

Expert Team

A world-class team of modular plant engineers, and vendor partnerships. Collaboration is at the core of our approach - we work closely with you to ensure a successful implementation.

Lease the facility to remove upfront CapEx and fund through OpEx.

Accelerate your timeline from source brine to lithium carbonate and project income.

“We are in the middle of a decade-long lithium supply shortage, so the Zelandez modular plants make perfect sense to me.”

Joe Lowry / Lithium Market Expert

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