Casing corrosion mitigation in brine production wells

Challenges with casing corrosion in brine production wells Production wells suffer from the hyper-saline working environment, with corrosion causing havoc on ferrous materials. Corrosion affects the downhole well completion and life of the producing well. Corrosion has an impact on both finances and well as environmental concerns, and is an issue that needs to be […]

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New advances with in-situ measurements of permeability and porosity

Why is permeability and porosity important for the brine industry? Whether it be a junior exploration company or a major producer, there are a couple of geological numbers that are essential for any Lithium brine venture. How much Lithium brine is available underground and how free it is to move, is information that could make […]

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Kiwi lithium exploration business completes successful trials in Argentina and Chile. Helps power cars of the future

A massive shift toward lithium-ion battery-powered electric vehicles is coming and New Zealand based lithium exploration business Zelandez is playing a major role in helping power these vehicles. It is high up in the Andes mountains where two-thirds of the world’s lithium resources sit, in a region straddling Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, known as the […]

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