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Well Production & Integrity

Providing vital information to optimize well performance

Since 2018, we’ve specialized in delivering advanced technology and expertise to the lithium brine industry. With operations in Argentine, Chile, Bolivia, USA and Canada, we serve the majority of lithium brine producers and explorers.

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Well Diagnostics and Recovery (DR)

Zelandez’s Well Diagnostics and Recovery (DR) is a comprehensive service package designed for well maintenance campaigns.

Well diagnostics


Our Diagnostics product visually evaluates the well’s internal condition, focusing on the important productive zone.

Additional corrosion measuring tools analyze metal loss in the casing and filter walls. Allowing for thorough assessment and providing insight for proper well management.

Well Integrity Assessment

Zelandez can accurately assess the internal conditions of your completed lithium brine wells

Well Integrity


Lithium brine wells contain hypersaline and oversaturated fluids, causing significant economic impact.

Our sensors help manage the preservation of the pipelines used in the lithium production process. While also increasing the performance of brine extraction and processing.

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