Evaluating Water Quality

Our WaterQSight™ product comprises of a set of measurements designed to provide insights into aquifer identification/thickness, water quality and the presence of some contaminants. Borehole water salinity, density, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, redox potential, pH and the presence of some components (e.g nitrates, ammonium and chlorides) are obtained. These water properties are used to evaluate water quality and potential aquifer contamination. Water measurements are complemented with optical oriented images of the borehole wall. The images allow us to analyze and describe sediments and rocks at very high resolution for geological interpretation. The combination of these measurements allows for an evaluation of the aquifer distribution and thickness.

The Parameters You Need

  • Water salinity & density
  • Water conductivity and temperature
  • Water dissolved oxygen, nitrates, ammonium and chlorides
  • Water pH and Redox potential
  • Aquifers identification and thickness
  • Optical borehole images derived geological interpretation

Application and Integration

This product is of particular importantance to groundwater exploration and development. The information can be integrated with porosity-permeability and lithology data to support deep analysis of aquifer differentiation, the presence of permeability barriers and the distribution of contaminants ,for example.